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Why have a great website if know one can find it ?

Your website needs to get traffic before it can get results for your small business. Like any physical business, this means being visible where interested people can see you. This is no easy feat online, as your site may be crowded out by competing businesses, all vying for the attentions of the same market, but with the power of Search engine optimization (SEO) your site can get the visibility it needs.

What Is Search Optimization ?

Optimization is a process used to make your site more visible in popular search engines like Google and Bing. More than just paid advertising, This is a way to tell search engines that your page is the most important for any relevant search, best suited to fit the needs of its users. The better optimized a page is, the higher it appears in a search engine’s results page–and the msearch-engine-optimizationore likely an interested person is to click it.

Why Does Your Small Company Need It?

No business can thrive without new customers, and search engine optimization is a powerful way to lead plenty of new customers to your site. When a potential customer enters a search query that’s

relevant to your small business, good optimization makes sure that customer sees you before other competitors, increasing your site’s traffic. In other words: it makes you more visible, ensuring that the people who need what your small business offers can find you every time–even if they didn’t know they were looking for you.

What Will Designs for the Web Do For Your Small Business?

Your website’s optimization will be completely handled from start to finish. We will analyze your target market and create an optimization strategy using techniques proven to raise your visibility. SEO along with  web design that consists of great graphics, compelling, engaging, keyword rich content will help you bring in many new clients. From optimizing your content to feature commonly-used keywords to cross-linking your site’s pages, Designs for the web will handle everything needed to help you climb the ranks.

The Small Business Difference

It can be difficult even for the largest of businesses, which can make it even harder for smaller establishments like yours. In today’s crowded internet space, you could find yourself fighting off not only local competitors, but the big businesses as well. A  site with good SEO will do the fighting for you by making sure your small business’s site is more relevant to your market than any other. We specialize in promoting businesses in and around Norwalk, CT areaoffice-620817_1920  which means your site will be optimized to be more visible to visitors in and around the area. People around the county looking for your services will be able to find you with ease, no matter how small your business is! Lastly another reason for my niche is I actually act as an in house marketing company at a fraction of cost. Learning all about your business and its goals.


If you want to increase traffic to your physical business, you need to get people’s attention. Today’s fast-paced internet is no different. With the power of search engine optimization, your small business will gain valuable traffic by remaining visible, relevant and easily found by your target market. Call us today for a free quote 203-246-9966.